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About the GISR Standard


GISR recognizes the diversity of purposes and audiences that ratings serve. The design and stewardship of the standard will proceed with attention to this diversity, while simultaneously striving to create a globally recognized benchmark for assessing sustainability performance excellence.

The GISR standard will comprise three components: PrinciplesIssues, and Indicators:

  • Principles: The core attributes of a ratings framework required to achieve credibility among key stakeholders.
  • Issues: Themes, topics, or aspects of sustainability material to assess a company’s sustainability performance.
  • Indicators: Metrics applied to issues that measure a company’s sustainability performance.

The process for staging the three components of the standard begins with a mapping of the state-of-play salient to each. GISR will conduct these exercises with an eye towards maximum harmonization with leading, complementary standard setters, most notably, GRI, SASB and IIRC as well with leading raters.