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The Amsterdam GISR Briefing: Accelerating ESG Integration into Global Financial Markets

May 17, 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Join us for a high­-level, expert dialogue for investors, companies and research/rating agencies to explore how GISR’s Center of Ratings Excellence (CORE) is contributing to building healthy and fair financial markets in the coming decade. RSVP to Ralph Thurm, Director of Engagement,

Sustainability Ratings 2020 – Econsense Expert Workshop on ESG Ratings

December 1, 2015
Frankfurt, Germany

Reporting 3.0

November 12 & 13, 2015
Berlin, Germany

VfU (UNEP FI-supported) Roundtable 2015

October 29-30, 2015
Frankfurt, Germany

VIP Briefing & Reception: The Next Generation of ESG Performance Measurement

October 21, 2015
New York City

Deloitte Dbriefs Webcast Environmental, Social, and Governance Performance: Market Developments Regarding Measurement, Disclosures, and Evaluation

May 28, 2015

Mark Tulay will participate in this Deloitte webinar with representatives from UBS and Deloitte discussing the drivers for increased transparency around ESG topics.

Ratings 2020: Accelerating ESG Integration Into Global Financial Markets

June 10, 2015, 16:00-18:00
Chatham House
London, England

Allen White will participate in an expert discussion among investors, companies and rating agencies that will explore how sustainability and credit ratings can help build healthy and responsible financial markets in the coming decade.

Skytop Strategies ESG Summit

June 19, 2015
New York City

Mark Tulay will participate in this event for institutional shareholders, public company management, and capital markets experts on corporate ESG performance.

GTQ: Enhanced Sustainability Analysis & Reporting Conference 2014

November 25, 2014
Sydney, Australia

Mark Tulay will give a keynote presentation entitled “Quantifying, communicating, and using sustainability/ESG data to drive long term shareholder value”.

2nd International Reporting 3.0 Platform Annual Conference: Reporting at the Crossroads – ensuring purpose, practicability, performance
October 6-7, 2014
Berlin, Germany

Mark Tulay will speak during the session, “Ranking and ratings – from best in class to proof for good for consumers and investors”.

Sustainable Brands: New Metrics ’14
September 24-26, 2014
Boston, MA

Allen White will speak during a plenary session on the topic of ESG and credit ratings. Mark Tulay will moderate a panel entitled “The Next Frontier for ESG Research and Ratings”.

ES&G Forum 2014: Non-financial performance… A missed opportunity?
September 23, 2014
Calgary, Canada

Sustainability & Ratings: Charting the Future
June 11, 2014
London, UK

Chatham House graciously hosted a panel discussion while GISR was in London in June. The by-invitation event, “Sustainability & Ratings: Charting the Future”, comprised a panel with Paul Hohnen (moderator, Chatham House), Bob Mann (Sustainalytics), Chris Smith (Procter & Gamble), Mike Wilkins (Standard & Poor’s), Steve Waygood (Aviva Investors), and Allen White (GISR). The event explored how to better integrate ESG into financial markets through the lens of company and credit ratings. Panelists offered insights from the vantage points of a rated company, two rating organizations (ESG and credit ratings), and a ratings user. Panelists explored trends and needs in the area of transparency, public access to sustainability data, correction of market failures through deeper ESG integration, and methods for creating “integrated ratings” of both companies and creditworthiness. The continued expansion of sustainability disclosures, both voluntary and mandatory, promises to elevate the quality and quantity of future sustainability ratings.


Ceres Conference
May 1, 2014
Boston, MA

ESG and the Credit Ratings Frontier: The Future of Measuring Corporate Sustainability Performance
As investors continue to sharpen their analysis of opportunities and risks in equity and credit markets, they face scores of disparate sustainability ratings methodologies utilizing more than 5,000 issues and indicators. The Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR) aims to steer these markets toward the ESG issues most germane to long-term performance excellence. This interactive session will provide new updates on GISR, a preview of the second component of the GISR sustainability ratings standard and highlight efforts at credit rating agencies to integrate sustainability into their ratings frameworks.

TBLI Conference
“ESG Materiality and Metrics”
May 30, 2014
New York, NY