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Participate in Standard Development

There are a variety of ways to get involved in the standard development process, including:

Public comments: GISR is committed to a transparent, multi-stakeholder process in all its standard development activities. Its expanding global network provides comments on the Exposure Draft and the Beta Version of each of the three components of the standard: Principles, Issues and Indicators.  To participate in the standard development process, please click here.

Expert Advisors Council (EAC) : GISR invites inquiries regarding membership in its Expert Advisors Council. EAs provide specialized expertise to the Secretariat and the Technical Review Committee (TRC) on various topics related to the standard development. Please direct inquires to: Emily Kilroy,

Pilot Projects: GISR organizes pilot projects to continuously improve the quality of the standard. Such tests may involve companies, investors, raters and NGOs at various points in the standard development process. Organizations interested in such tests should contact: Mark Tulay,

Donor Network: GISR invites inquiries from foundations and individuals that share a commitment to accelerating and rewarding sustainability leadership among companies and investors. Contributions may be applied to both GISR’s core operations as well as topic- and sector-specific activities connected to the standard development process. Please direct inquiries to: Mark Tulay,