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CORE Program

GISR’s mission is to drive transparency and excellence in ESG research, ratings and indices to improve business performance and investment decision-making. GISR’s strategy for advancing this mission is built on a four-pronged Center of Ratings Excellence (CORE) program.

CORE is a platform for action for a variety of ESG stakeholders. For investors looking to build a responsible portfolio, it offers comparative tools to select the very best ESG products and intelligence. For companies, CORE helps to address “survey fatigue” and offers a new approach to engagement on critical ESG issues.

CORE encompasses four components:


  • Framework: As the foundation for CORE, the Framework includes GISR’s Principles for ratings excellence, and an associated Accreditation program to encourage transparency, rigor and usability.
  • Hub: A searchable online database of ESG ratings products enabling investors to make informed decisions on the ESG ratings and research best suited to their needs.
  • Labs: Cutting-edge research and development activities that create new knowledge and enhance the theory and practice of ratings.
  • Convenings: In-person and online events to foster shared learning and dissemination of best practices among raters, investors, companies and other stakeholders.
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