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About GISR

Vision and Mission

Launched in June 2011 as a joint project of Ceres and Tellus Institute, the Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR) is a new participant in the family of initiatives aimed at making financial markets agents of, rather than impediments to, achieving the Post Rio+20 global sustainability agenda. As a global, multi-stakeholder initiative, its vision is to transform the definition of corporate value in the 21st century such that markets reward the preservation and enhancement of all forms of capital – human, intellectual, natural, social and financial.

GISR’s mission is to design and steward a global sustainability (i.e., Environmental, Social, and Governance – ESG) ratings standard to expand and accelerate the contribution of business and other organizations worldwide to sustainable development. GISR will not rate companies. Instead, it will accredit other sustainability ratings, rankings or indices to apply its standard for measuring excellence in sustainability performance.

Underlying GISR’s vision and mission is the core premise that a globalizing and resource constrained world will be well served by convergence around a generally accepted definition of what constitutes corporate sustainability excellence. Just as such norms have evolved the fields of human rights, labor practices, and sustainable forestry, so too should a common understanding of the core elements that define excellence in sustainability performance. GISR believes that achieving this goal through an inclusive, adaptable process will serve as a powerful driver in moving companies and markets alike toward continually higher levels of contribution to long-term, global social and ecological well-being.

Signatory of: Principles for Responsible Investment