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GISR's mission is to drive transparency and excellence in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) research, ratings and indices to improve business performance and investment decision-making.

As an impartial, multi-stakeholder initiative, GISR will advance excellence in ESG ratings, rankings and indices for measuring corporate sustainability performance. By advancing standards of excellence for financial market ratings, GISR aims to accelerate the integration of environmental, social and governance factors in corporate and investment decision-making. Elevating usage of ESG factors in company and investment decision-making will contribute to long-term positive change on social and environmental issues.
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A platform for ESG action:

GISR’s strategy for advancing transparency and excellence of ESG ratings, rankings and indices is built on a four-pronged "Center of Ratings Excellence" (CORE) program:
  • Framework: Principles for ratings excellence and associated Accreditation
  • Hub: The first online database of ratings worldwide
  • Labs: R&D activities to create new knowledge to enhance the theory and practice of ratings
  • Convenings: Forums to foster shared learning and dissemination of best practices among raters, investors, companies and other stakeholders

The GISR CORE Program

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Ratings Hub

GISR has compiled data on hundreds of corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings, rankings and indices from across the globe.
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Principles are the foundation of GISR’s Framework. They constitute a high-level normative statement to guide the process and content aspects of sustainability ratings.
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GISR is launching a Center of Ratings Excellence to steer capital – financial, human, social and natural – toward sustainability leaders and away from laggards.”

Mindy Lubber
Ceres & INCR